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Samara State Aerospace University

Aircraft Engineering Faculty, Master’s degree program, Mechanics and mathematical modeling

Samara State University

Philological Faculty, Department of Germanic Philology, Goethe-Institut course

Intermediate school with in-depth study of foreign languages

Gymnasium No.1 in Kuznetsk, Penza region.



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General Contractors Group

Interpretation during a set of negotiation between two company representatives, local suppliers of construction materials and lessors of warehouse facilities, an escort for the delegation all over its visit to Samara region.

TTP Marines, LLC

Interpretation and translation in the course of the final acceptance trials of the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov through the request of Russian Navy.

Geostroy, CJSC

Interpretation during drilling operations on new terminal building site of Kurumoch International Airport. Several rigs have driven piles there within the scope of zero circle (foundation laying). Since all of them are supplied by Bauer,  their lead engineer has attended starting phase of the construction, advising operators how to apply and maintain the equipment effectively.

Rosskat, OJSC

Interpretation and translation during commissioning and start-up works at cable and wire manufacturing facility located in Neftegorsk of Samara region. Two furnaces had been installed in the plant, before group of foreign specialists performed instrumentation adjustment, checked readiness for first melt and copper casting, fixed errors commited on previous stages. Oral translation of operational meetings, briefings, personnel trainings on daily basis, as well as written translation of working papers from time to time.

Ilim Group

Interpretation and translation during the project of Big Bratsk. To perform this project at pulp-and-paper factory, located in Bratsk, Irkutsk region, many subcontractors and specialists have been attracted


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U.S.Wheat Associates

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Interpretaion and translation during long-term project at the big factory, which specializes on car manufacturing and aims to be significant part of world automotive industry. AvtoVAZ plant is located in Togliatti (Samara region) and has been upgraded recently. Within that project I’ve been translating many different product-oriented texts, performing oral translation in order to provide neccesary level of undestanding between Russian and European engineers and workers.

Labirint Travel, LLC

Travel manager in office stuff of one of the biggest tour operators on Russian tourism market. Company’s priority destinations are Greece, Finland, UAE, South and East Africa and Indian Ocean islands, as well as domestic tourism. My responsibilities there have included sales, hotel & transfer bookings, planning of charter programs and tour package creation itself. Have been involved in business trips abroad and over the country in order to perform various presentations, trainings and MICE, acting as company representative and an interpreter of our commercial director.

Boeing Corp., Russian branch

Have been employed in the position of Design Engineer at Moscow Boeing Design Center (Modifications department). Performance of my engineering responsibilities has included hydraulic system designing for Boeing 747-8 Cargo Freighter,  regular correspondance and phone and teleconference calls to/from company employees in USA , close collaboration and teamwork inside of our Hydraulics team.

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